Resting And Studying In Mazunte, Oaxaca

We are taking a two week break from bicycle touring whilst we study Spanish at El Instituto Iguana in the quiet beach town of Mazunte on the Oaxacan Coast. We have seen more rain in the last six days than we have seen in almost four months since we arrived in Mexico! In fact, until six days ago, we hadn’t seen rain since we left the UK in February! At first, it was nice to have the change. Now we are realising that the rainy season is now upon us and we may have to get used to this for a few months!

After only four days of lessons, we have already noticed an improvement in our Spanish. We are staying with a host family who prepare all our meals for us. Each and every meal forces us to practice what we’ve learnt as we eat at the table with the family.

We’ll be posting more photos and info about Mazunte and El Instituto very soon!


We used our bikes as pedal boats to reach Mazunte during a massive downpour!


The view of Mazunte bay coastline seen from the rocks on La Cometa.


A beautiful spot called the La Cometa (comet) provides a 210 degree east to west panorama where you can watch the sunrise and the sunset from the same location.


With the strong winds blowing us around, we had to be careful to stand our ground atop the rocks!


This particularly windy day made for some amazing blow holes in the rocks. Jenny was quite drenched after this shot!

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