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Dales Divide 2019

Hard tail… gravel bike… hard tail… gravel bike. Okay, Go! I was faffing with bag packing on the Arnside promenade Thursday afternoon after a quick spin up the Knott when Stu came walking around with a wheel spinning a newly seated tyre. He had already completed the ITT reccy several …

Countdown to Highland Trail 2016

Sometime towards the end of 2015, I made two impulsive decisions: I bought a piece of titanium with fat wheels named Rasputin without considering …

New Bike Porn: Jerónimo Rasputin 29 Plus

I wasn’t even looking for a new bike. Rasputin found me (at least that’s the story I am telling). I was just browsing PinkBike ‘for a friend’ when Rasputin growled at me. I was powerless.