My name is Lars and this a bike nerd blog about mountain biking, bikepacking, bicycle touring, bike building, DIY gear making (MYOG) and generally about getting away from all the noise and enjoying the great outdoors.


Bikepacking in the Quantocks, England (Aug 2015)


I was gifted a Trek Antelope 800 for my birthday in 1991. I rode that bike to death, memorising the local trails and logging roads. I progressed through a series of 90s hardtails, sometimes joining local XC races in WA State with my Dad and high school buddies.

Since moving to England in 2002, I’ve gone through stages of ‘not riding bikes at all’ *gasp* to riding everyday. From 2008, the bike bug took a strong hold of me and I’ve been fairly obsessed ever since.

Tour in Tune

In 2013, my partner Jenny decided she wanted to go travelling. She pleaded with me that we should both quit our jobs and go on a big adventure. I was uninterested. All I could think of was sitting on trains and planes and listening to loads of other tourists say stupid shit whilst playing with their iPhones on selfie sticks.

So Jenny realised she needed to use my cryptonite. She started researching ‘bicycle touring’, something she’d not even heard of previously. And this is how she cunningly used bikes as the carrot to get me excited about a long travel.

So we set off on our first long bike tour from Mexico to Colombia in 2013. It was an adventure born out of our mutual love for music and travel, and obviously my obsession with bikes. We travelled slowly, mostly on dirt roads enjoying all the usual long distance touring delights along the way.

Tour In Tune-2013-11-11-011.jpg
Jenny ponders a massive cow on the dirt roads through the Magdelena lowlands of Colombia, still lugging the children’s guitar that we picked up in Mexico (Nov 2013).

Since finishing that bicycle tour, we’ve both gone back to full time jobs for a while to save some money. Consequently, this blog is currently a photojournal of my more transient bike adventures, especially bikepacking, ITT events and ‘making your own gear’ (MYOG). I’ve posted some accounts of bikepacking in WalesEngland and Spain, and I’ve completed the Bear Bones 200 ITT in 2014 and 2015.

I am currently preparing for the Highland Trail 550, Scotland in May 2016. I’ll be posting more about that over the coming months!


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