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Connecting In Bellingham

It was a bitter-sweet moment getting off the plane in Seattle. Our bicycle tour had ended prematurely following Lars’ diagnosis. Seeing Lucas and Ashlee waiting at the airport dissolved that feeling of sadness, wonder and regret we were carrying from Bogota. We exchanged hugs all around and then scoffed down …

An Insider’s View Of Zapatoca

EQ spread himself across my lap in the back of Armando’s little Renault 4. Considering the size of this bull terrier’s canines …

Music & Culture In Zapatoca

Our musical adventures in Zapatoca began when Jenny played her new songs for our hosts, Armando and Sonia, who then organised jam sessions and private concerts.

Getting Friendly With Tropical Fruits

One of our pastimes on this trip is locating and perusing the local food markets. So, we decided to get friendly with some of the tropical fruits that you might not find in your local supermarket.