Replacing our Sony NEX-5N with the NEX-5R

After lots of research and indecision, we went ahead and ordered the Sony NEX-5N mirrorless digital camera with two lens. We got a refurbished deal from Amazon and we we’re really stoked. We had it for a few days and shot some photos before our friend Kate noticed that all the photos had a thin line across them! How annoying!

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 11.38.53

I suppose this is not as annoying as it would have been if we had taken the camera with us on our trip without noticing the defect. Thanks to Kate for spotting it!

We sent the NEX-5N back to Amazon for an exchange, but it seems it’s been discontinued in favour of the newer NEX-5R. After checking this one out, we realised it’s got some really nice improvements over the NEX-5N. Most importantly, it can be charged via USB using my hub dynamo and it has built in WiFi.


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