Bike Knowledge to Beard Growth Ratio On Tour

Some believe that the ratio of bike knowledge to beard growth ratio can be summed up by this simple illustration below. Now that I am unemployed and living on the cheap, I really can’t think of any good reason to shave.

Thanks to Kate G for sharing this important wisdom. I am not sure who to thank for the original illustration.
Please let me know if I am infringing.

I have not yet shaved since leaving London on 11 February, and I am already feeling much wiser in bike than before. I did have a hair cut in SMA for $25 pesos (approx £1.30) a few weeks ago, but she didn’t touch my beardness.


Let the beardly wisdom begin!

The photo below is actually a few weeks old. Over the next few months I’ll be tracking my growth to knowledge ratio using precise and controlled measurements. I will report back here with new photos to document the progress. I am still a long ways from wizardry, but it’s definitely a start.

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