Hiking & Music On Volcán Tajumulco

We recently met our new friend Carl on WarmShowers.org. Little did we know what adventures lay ahead. Carl is an avid mountain biker and volcano hiker. He regularly bikes and hikes around the volcanos near Totonicapán Department and Lago Atitlán. After only two days at Carl’s, we set off at 3am to climb Volcán Tajumulco, the highest peak in all of Central America!


View from Tajumulco summit at around 4200m, looking south just before the clouds rolled in

We were joined by three of Carl’s hiking compañeros, Juana, Vicky and Hectorwho also happen to be locals to the surrounding areas of San Cristóbal Totonicapán. The hike was in celebration of Juana’s birthday, so Jenny brought along her guitar and played a gig in the sky at the 4200m summit.


Jenny played two of her new songs at her highest gig ever at 4200m! Our compañeros Juana, Hector, Vicky and Carl (from the left) clap along to keep their hands warm. The climb was also a birthday celebration for Juana!

Our Journey Up Tajumulco

[wi_everytrail url=”http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=2231883″ width=”600″]


Starting the Tajumulco hike just after sunrise


Jenny with her little guitar slung over her shoulder


Carl and Lars – Fortunately, I stopped wearing my headband like this after seeing this photo.


Vicky, Juana & Hector, some of our compañeros on the hike


Perfect time of year for gorgeous mountain wildflowers


Wild mountain lupines growing near 4000m


Volcán Tajumulco (left) and Volcán Tamacá (right), the two highest peaks in Central America


Juana, Vicky and Hector still in the shadows as the sun rises


The terrain fluctuates between rocky climbs and rolling meadows.


The clouds rolled in fast, threatening our potential view at the summit.


Marching into the trees before another steep section…


… and up into another meadow


As we reached the tree line, the trail narrowed to a rocky ridge.


Just before the final steep section to the summit


 View to the north, Jenny waving above a bed of clouds at the 4200m summit


Hector at the summit


With very strong winds at the 4200m summit, Jenny decided it was time to bundle up.


Evil shrooms! Apparently, one little taste of this can kill you!


A hungry little porker I found at the trail head – I named him Cena.


Back at the trail head after the hike, Juana and Vicky put on their traditional clothing and we gathered round for a final group shot.

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