Church Camping, Chiapas


The locals kindly let us pitch our casita under this church gazebo to escape the massive downpour. We even had a nice little mesita for our romantic dinner for two.

It was our first day on the road after almost two weeks in San Cristobal de Las Casas. We were caught off guard when a big storm rolled in drenched us from head to toe. We had intended to find a nice wooded area for camping, but the downpour persuaded us to plead for cover at a small Catholic church. We were greeted by some very amused locals who said we could camp under a gazebo in the courtyard next to the church. It was certainly a blessing from God, because it continued to rain all night long and we were already pretty wet!

We chatted with a local representative of the community whose name I can’t remember now. He was very curious about our odd adventure, as is usually the case in the smaller villages. He wanted to know if we had children and, of course, whether or not we were Catholic!

Jenny and I looked at each other not really knowing what to say. Do we tell him the truth and hope for the best? I suppose I could have said:

Soy un ateo y ella está en control de la natalidad!

Translation:  “I am an atheist and she’s on birth control!”

Instead, I went for the safe route and just said:

Creemos en respeto de todo el mundo!

Translation:  “We believe in respect for everyone!”

Phew! That seemed to be okay with him. He bid us buen viaje, locked up the church grounds to keep us safe and made his way home.

Perhaps it would be easier if we just converted to Catholicism. I think church camping is definitely a good option when you get caught off guard! Hmmmm…


Our religious breakfast routine includes oats, nuts, raisins, chia seeds, bananas and mangos

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A small Catholic church just off the highway between San Cristobal de Las Casas and Comitán – name of township unknown

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