Twelveways Multifunctional Travel Dress

After wearing the same clothes everyday for a year, of course I jumped at the chance of product testing the Twelveways multifunctional travel dress. Twelveways is a niche, Canadian brand that sells one tiny dress for ‘your amazing little wardrobe’. It rolls up to just larger than a sunglasses case and weighs less than half a pound, a traveller’s dream no matter how long the journey.

Twelveways multifuctional dress for travel
Twelveways multifunctional travel dress (photo courtesy of Twelveways)

Up until now, I was travelling with another multifunctional travel dress, the Limitless Dress. I’ve come to the conclusion that even though you can wear it a number of ways, the likelihood is you’ll find a handful of favourite styles and repeat them over and over. This particular dress was actually a bit bulky and heavy for the lightweight bicycle tour I was on. It is better suited to a short holiday.

The Twelveways dress has four key ways: a dress, a long skirt, a short skirt and a strapless top. You can wear these ‘ways’ in several different styles. Personally, I wear it five to six styles but the beauty of this design is that you may choose to wear it a different way to me.

Tour In Tune-2014-02-04-068
The ruched style at the front is one of my favourite Twelveways

Since arriving in the slightly chillier climate of the Pacific Northwest, I wear leggings, a jumper (sweater) and boots on a daily basis. Now with my Twelveways dress I can funk up my daily wear in more ways than I imagined! During the day I wear it as a skirt with my cosy vest or as a top with my very loud-printed leggings.

Tour In Tune-2014-02-04-085
Looking snug in my Twelveways black dress as an over-the-knee style skirt
Tour In Tune-2014-02-04-080
And above the knee… It’s surprising how much colder I look 😉
Tour In Tune-2014-02-04-072
The material is stretchy, yet secure. I assure you, there will be no chance of a wardrobe malfunction with this dress!

I can’t wait to rummage through my wardrobe when I get home and try out this dress with a pair of heels! I wonder if I can pack for a weekend away with just my handbag (purse) and the Twelveways dress? Hmm, perhaps a future challenge 🙂

So, you can choose from four colours and two styles: lime, orange, stone blue and black, and in ‘Elegant or ‘Casual’. Elegant is made from a soft polyester blend and the casual style (only available in black) is made from rayon.

I love the scallop finish on the hem, the versatility and comfort of the material and especially the label that reads ‘Made In Canada’. How refreshing!

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