The Ultimate Multifunctional Dress For Travel

Knotted halterneck
The Limitless Dress by EMAMI

Is it too much for to ask for a multifunctional dress that magically morphs into every desired item of clothing needed for travel?

The lightweight nature of bicycle touring seriously restricts the size of your wardrobe. It can be difficult to find versatile, multifunctional items that are also somewhat fashionable. I was searching for the swiss army knife of travel clothing.

The Research

Originally I had planned to purchase the Patagonia Lithia Skirt, because it also works as a halter neck top. I began to ponder… are there any other super-functional threads out there on the multifunctional clothing market, perhaps something for bicycle touring?

Patagonia Lithia Skirt
Patagonia Lithia Skirt

After a bit of GIYF, I came across the Twelveways Multifunctional Dress. Now this is a cool piece of clothing! This was certainly more on the right track, but at $85 plus shipping, I needed to be sure.

Twelveways Dress
Twelveways Dress

I continued my search and discovered EMAMI Fashion. A massive orchestral crescendo went through my head! There it was, the Limitless Dress! 30 ways to wear one dress? No way! Yes way!

EMAMI Limitless Dress
EMAMI Limitless Dress

EMAMI is a Scandinavian design team who work with young innovative designers to create hard wearing multifunctional clothing. Score!

Meeting The Criteria

At 99 Euros, the EMAMI Limitless dress would be a big investment based on my travel budget. It had to be a staple in my wardrobe. I ticked off what the Limitless Dress would cover for my bicycling touring travel requirements.

  1. A casual dress for daytime wear but has the ability to look elegant for an evening out;
  2. Straps to be removable or adjustable;
  3. A longer length skirt to avoid getting eaten by mosquitos
  4. To wear as a pair of comfy trousers (reminds me of my beloved fisherman pants from Thailand);
  5. For the colder days, to wear as a top that covers my shoulders.
Knotted halterneck
Playsuit for casual riding!
One of my favourites
Easy skirt option (long or short); one of my favourites
Stretching out
Lounge option for stretching out
Pull down the sleeves and turn it into a poncho!

Criteria met! Add to cart!

Unfortunately, there was a bit of a hiccup with my order. It was just after Christmas. The company was suffering from some staffing issues. I had ordered it well in advance luckily so it wasn’t a huge problem. It took about a month to arrive after toing and froing with EMAMI customer service. They were very apologetic though.

The Verdict

Overall, I am very happy with my purchase and I would definitely recommend the EMAMI Limitless Dress on the basis of the innovative versatility and quality. If you are thinking of purchasing one for yourself, I recommend  you check out these easy to follow  Youtube videos which demonstrate the different styles step by step.

I would love for EMAMI to make another version of the Limitless Dress using a quick-dry nylon blend for the active adventurer. The fabric they currently use is viscose, which feels luxurious, but can take a while to dry. It is also a lot heavier than my other travel clothes. I contacted EMAMI about using a harder wearing material and they were very responsive with the suggestion. Look out Merrel and Northface, maybe there’s soon to be a new kid in town when it comes to multifunctional women’s adventure wear!

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