Inbred Is Dead, Long Live Inbred!

[UPDATE] See gear status update at the bottom of this post…


I was cycling home from work just before Christmas and things went a bit wiggly in the rear end. I was carrying a lot of weight at the time (nabbing up all the reduced items at the supermarket as usual). Without really paying much attention, I assumed the bottom bracket or rear hub, since both were already on their way out. It wasn’t until I inspected it in daylight the next morning that I noticed the massive crack all the way through the drive side chain stay and the start of a second crack in the same location on the left stay. I tried to coax On One into a replacement, but it was just outside the 2 year warranty and they were having none of it … and after they saw the condition of this beast in the photos, I guess they figured I got my money’s worth!


… So here she lies in bicycle graveyard below the bird feeder, shrouded in (ab)used bicycle chains, relics of rides gone past.

RIP you filthy ‘ol devil of incest!!!


I was on the lookout for a deal on something Surly or Salsa flavoured, but I just so happened to find someone selling my exact Inbred frame on PinkBike for £90. It was the same size and pretty good condition, just really, really orangey!!! I managed to resist my more lustful thoughts and went for this much less exciting replacement.


Old parts meet new frame; not the sexy titanium gravel rocket I had in mind, but she’ll do the trick as my general utility bike for grocery schlepping and train fare dodging until the spring, when I try to fit yet another new bike in the shed!



It’s interesting to find out which components have stood the test of time. Most are as you’d expect: Chris King headset, Salsa Cromoto fork, Brooks Saddle, Tubus Rack, Ortieb panniers, Deore crankset and derailleurs.

However, I’ve been pleasantly surprised how well some components have lasted.

  • The SP PD-8 hub dynamo is still going strong after 12,000km, powering my lights on my daily commute through the dark British winter.
  • Shimano Deore hydraulic brakes are still fine as well, but I have lost count of the number of brake pads I’ve gone through – probably a dozen. I am also on my second front rotor.
  • Ergon GP1 grips are still comfy as can be, though they are getting a bit worn (definitely need to use gloves to prevent slipping).
  • One of my Schwalbe Marathons is still going as well (not pictured here).

Pretty much everything else has been replaced at least once!

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