Time For A New Waterproof Jacket?

It’s always disheartening when expensive gear malfunctions or wears out. Unfortunately for me, my Berghaus waterproof jacket* weathered its final storm just as we were entering the rainy season in Cuchumatanes, Guatemala. For four years, that jacket sheltered me from a constant British drizzle, and up until recently, some pretty hefty storms. I would certainly recommend it as an entry-level, no-frill waterproof jacket.

In hindsight, I should have bought a new waterproof jacket before I left the UK. If you’re going on a bicycle tour through Latin America during the wet season, I consider an upgrade!

* The Berghaus will live to fight another day; it was gifted to a trainee Guatemalan nurse who enjoys climbing volcanoes.


Reaching the 3400m summit of the 1250m climb just before a colossal amount of rain. It was here that I realised I needed an upgrade!

My New Waterproof Jacket

In my hunt for a replacement, I came across the Artemyde jacket by Sombrio, a Vancouver based, high performance MTB brand. The clothing range has a Pacific northwest style with the technical functionality to back it up. They also sell a line of street apparel.


Showing off the Sombrio Artemyde jacket

Look & Feel

Slim fit, and stretchy! With plenty of cords to pull in and out to keep you stormproof. Other than the longer length at the back, it’s difficult to tell that the Sombrio Artemyde is cycling specific. That makes it a perfect, all-round waterproof jacket for MTB, bicycle touring, backpacking or casual city living in my opinion. I’m also a fan of the matte black finish.


It’s rain proof, wind proof and features fleeced-lined pockets for those extra chilly days. Tried and tested, the Artemyde waterproof jacket stands up to the elements.

My only gripe is about breathability. When riding in milder weather the inside of the jacket gets sweaty and feels kind of rubbery. The under-arm air vents help, but the steam bath can be a little uncomfortable. On the plus side, it dries quickly.

Super Technologies

  • Zippers:  YKKTM , AquaguardTM  VISLON
  • Jacket:  An ultra durable, 4-way stretch, waterproof fabric  (S-Tek-II Series Hardshell)
  • Seams: 100% sealed.

The Verdict

Sombrio have designed a very stylish, yet functional waterproof jacket. I love the fit and the matte black colour option will certainly help with concealing the inevitable dirt I will be picking up along the way! I was thrilled to find this at 50% off, just within my skimpy $100 budget.

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