Navigating Bogota On Bicycle And Foot

We arrived in Bogota the morning of my 31st birthday, three days before Christmas. It’s a very family orientated affair this time of year in Colombia so the buzz of the city was quieter than usual.

Rolling into the city on Sunday for the Ciclovia was one of our smarter decisions. The 400 metre climb over the hill from La Calera was swarming with weekend riders. Lars was licking his lips the whole ride with the variety of bike porn on display. From banged up classic road bikes,  to $10,000 carbon fibre beauties and everything in between.

Tour In Tune-2013-12-22-101.jpg

The summit between La Calera and Bogotá attracts hoards of cyclists on Ciclovia Sunday…

Tour In Tune-2013-12-22-115.jpg

… descends into the big city.

Tour In Tune-2013-12-22-146.jpg

We arrived in La Candelaria just in time for Jenny’s birthday lunch…

Tour In Tune-2013-12-22-151.jpg

… the owner’s son gave us a puppet show with Batman and Buz Light Year.

Tour In Tune-2013-12-22-154.jpg

A street show guinea pig race…

Tour In Tune-2013-12-22-155.jpg

On your marks……

Tour In Tune-2013-12-22-157.jpg

… they take bets on which number hole they will run into.

Tour In Tune-2013-12-22-161.jpg

… of course, birthday lunch alone wasn’t enough!  Chocolate cake and coffee soon followed at Juan Valdez, the Colombian equivalent to Starbucks

Museo de Botero

We are not in the habit of dragging ourselves around every museum and art gallery in a list ticking fashion but occasionally we will poke our heads into those we find intriguing. Colombian born Botero paints and makes sculptures mainly of ‘fat people’ within the local culture and politics of his country. This was the pull, and it didn’t disappoint.

Tour In Tune-2014-01-02-048.jpg

 We stolled over to the Botero Museum to see his notorious fat people paintings and sculptures…

Tour In Tune-2014-01-02-052.jpg

Leda y el cisne – Fernando Botero, 1995

Tour In Tune-2014-01-02-061.jpg

Niña comiendo helado – Fernando Botero, 1999

Tour In Tune-2014-01-02-028.jpg

The Botero Museo holds a private collection of international art. This Salavdor Dali sculpture was lurking in a corner and we spotted other pieces by Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Picasso, Matisse, Degas and Monet.

Tour In Tune-2014-01-02-040.jpg


Tour In Tune-2014-01-02-041.jpg



We could see Montserrate from our balcony window. This mountain is located in the heart of the city and rises to 3,152 metres.

You can take the funicular all the way to the summit and down again for $7.00 or, you can climb the 500 metre ascent by 1500 steps. We were happy to see families, couples and locals opting to walk up. Our new hiking boots came in handy! Lars scurried up in around 35 minutes and I was ten minutes after that. We enjoyed the beautiful views of the city walking up but forgot to take a picture before the clouds rolled in once we reached the summit!

Tour In Tune-2014-01-10-121.jpg

Making friends before the climb up Montserrat.

Tour In Tune-2014-01-10-131.jpg

You can just make out the statue of Jesus Christ on the neighboring hill.

Tour In Tune-2014-01-10-139.jpg

These mules were exhausted going up the steep steps. The saying ‘worked to the bone’ was literal in their case.

Paloquemao Market

This food metropolis is not one to miss if you enjoy markets. The sweet smell of tropical fruits and flowers will guide you in a trance until you are pulled back into reality at the sight of a butchered cow’s head discarded by a doorway or something similar. As you walk past the market stall owners they ask after you in an all to familiar, ‘a la orden’ (at your service). To our delight we found a market stall of chillies and stocked up on our Mexican favourite, chipotle.

Tour In Tune-2014-01-08-120.jpg

Paloquemao Market is floor to ceiling with delicious, fresh produce.

Tour In Tune-2014-01-08-116.jpg

Ooooh chillies!

Tour In Tune-2014-01-08-118.jpg

It’s so difficult to resist these spicy beauties…

Taking A Stroll

Tour In Tune-2013-12-22-159.jpg

Plaza Bolívar is always full of people.

Tour In Tune-2013-12-25-008.jpg

This city is known for its street art…

Tour In Tune-2013-12-25-009.jpg

… covering pretty much on every corner…

Tour In Tune-2013-12-25-010.jpg

Tour In Tune-2013-12-27-015.jpg

Bogotá is full of these utitlity tank bikes…

Tour In Tune-2014-01-02-079.jpg

… but I am pretty sure this is one of a kind.

Tour In Tune-2013-12-27-018.jpg

pretty coloured streets…

Tour In Tune-2013-12-27-019.jpg

And of course the cathedral

Tour In Tune-2013-12-31-001.jpg

We weren’t expecting to see llamas until a bit further south, let alone one wearing shoes.

Tour In Tune-2013-12-31-009.jpg

Tour In Tune-2014-01-01-015.jpg

The steep hills behind La Candelaria are home to the touristy Monserrate cable car (left) and a giant shiny Jesus (right).

More Ciclovia Fun

Tour In Tune-2014-01-05-083.jpg

Ciclovia Sunday’s can get pretty hectic, but it’s still better being surrounded by bikes than cars!

Tour In Tune-2014-01-05-091.jpg

Everyone seems to ride bikes in Bogotá.

Tour In Tune-2014-01-05-095.jpg

Our leisurely Sunday poodle through Parque Bolívar turned into a bonkers obstactle course, so we quickly made our escape…

Tour In Tune-2014-01-05-096.jpg

We couldn’t quite figure out why so many Bogotano dogs are sporting this hairdo…

Tour In Tune-2014-01-05-099.jpg

… like they’ve all had near escapes with lawnmowers…

Tour In Tune-2014-01-05-104.jpg

…these were much more our style…

Tour In Tune-2014-01-05-105.jpg

… especially this guy, complete with dog panniers…

Tour In Tune-2014-01-05-106.jpg

… so we made friends with his proud owner.


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