Tour In Tune Cyclo-Photobook

It’s been almost exactly two years to the day since we left London with our bicycles and set off on our bicycle tour. We arrived back in the UK last April and I have no idea why it took us so long to get some of photos printed, but we just never got around to it until now.

The January sale at Photobox was just too good to pass up. We scored this 100 page A3 size photobook for around £50. They also had deals on canvas prints and big A2 posters.

We’re really pleased with the quality of Photobox printing, especially given the prices. The photobook builder on their website if pretty cool. Definitely recommended for anyone who wants a nice memory of their trip for the coffee table!

You can view the full book online at Photobox here.


We lost many of the high resolution versions of our best photos after our hard drive was stolen in Nicaragua, so I was thrilled when I stumbled upon a backup of this photo which we shot on the third sunrise into our trip!


All the remaining photos between Mexico and Nicaragua are limited to those that we uploaded to our blog in 1200px x 1600px


The book is a big landscape A3 size and 100 pages in total.

TourInTune-20150205-4.jpg TourInTune-20150205-5.jpg TourInTune-20150205-6.jpg


Thanks again to our friend Simone for producing this cartoon which gives a pretty accurate picture of our very different approaches to bicycle touring.

[iframe src=”″ style=”width:500px;”]

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