Tortugas in Mazunte and La Ventanilla

We were fortunate enough to witness the annual Liberación De Las Tortugas in the beautiful little eco-tourist beach of La Ventanilla, just few kilometres from Mazunte. Hundreds of people came to watch the release of baby crocodiles (cocodrilos), sea turtles (tortugas) and parakeets (paraquitos) into the wild.

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Have Some Ants!

Although this has nothing to do with Tortugas, I stumbled across a crazy army of ants after a big rain whilst mountain biking near Mazunte. The locals enjoy frying these guys up and eating them like popcorn! We tried some of the larger winged ants (chicatanas) at the market in Pochutla. They are tasty, but I still felt like I was eating ants!

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Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga

Located on the main street in Mazunte, Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga is a relatively new facitlity and is home to hundreds of different sea turtles and other types as well. It’s great to see them promoting the protection and appreciation of these animals in Mexico! Some of the same people that were once killing these creatures are now involved with the Centre.

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