Following The Lego Brick Road To Jinotega

There were no lions, tigers or lollipop kids on the lego brick road to Jinotega, just hundreds of ‘kamikaze’ butterflies and massive fincas de cafe, tobacco and of course, cacao. I spent some time chasing the butterflies around with the camera whilst Lars replaced some brake pads and a frayed derailleur cable (muttering about wishing he had a coffee in his hand).


It’s an easy and scenic ride, following the lego brick road from Estelí to Jinotega.

I lost count of the different species of butterflies.


This guy finally stayed still long enough for me to get a shot!


Replacing another set of disc brake pads – the heavy weight requires a lot of stopping power!


Finding disc brake pads in Central America is as you would expect: difficult and expensive.


And another one

After a beautiful ride from Estelí to La Concordia, we ducked for cover (and a long lunch) to avoid the daily downpour (and the arduous task of drying shoes and clothes in the rainy season).


We reached a comedor in La Concordia just minutes before a massive downpour…


…and enjoyed some comida tipica – Nicaragüense fried chicken and gallo pinto

La Biosfera mountain retreat is based just outside of Jinotega. We stayed there for three nights on a help exchange programme. We did some gardening in exchange for a 50% discount on the room. We also enjoyed some good food and good company. It was a revelation to have a kitchen for a change! Thanks to Suzanne for the warm welcome!


Suzanne showed us how to make dark chocolate sauce from freshly ground cacao beans with a bit of sugar and cardomom.


Clever bunkbeds at La Biosferra made from old tyres


Exploring some maps!




Always plenty of bananas hanging around


Cena y Maje

Chatting about Nicaraguan history over an organic coffee, a pack of biscuits and a pot of guava jam

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