Dirt Roading Through Parque Nacional Montaña de Comayagua

We decided to spend a few days in the colonial city of Comayagua, Honduras. The architecture and shops have reminded us of La Antigua, Guatemala, but cheaper and with fewer tourists. We were fortunate to stumble upon Hospedaje La Esperanza, a very cyclist friendly and cheap accommodation two blocks from the Parque Central.


We scored finding Hospedaje La Esperanza, Comayagua. There’s plenty of outdoor space for bikes, tables and chairs and massive rooms — all for 150 Lempira (less than £5 per night).

Parque Nacional Montaña de Comayagua

I read about some interesting dirt roads in Parque Nacional Montaña de Comayagua in Ian Bedford’s Cycle Central America. I planned a loop from Comayagua up to Rio Negro, known for it’s many waterfalls and hiking trails.

Following the massive rains we’ve been experiencing, the route turned out to be tougher than I expected. I finally got back to Comayagua completely destroyed after 7 hours having ridden 71km and climbed over 2,200m, most of which was on washed out dirt roads and singletrack.

[iframe height=’405′ width=’590′ frameborder=’0′ allowtransparency=’true’ scrolling=’no’ src=’http://www.strava.com/activities/79262556/embed/0afeb82b37f148f12dc858f95e9ebdfeb6ff3634′]


Just finding my rhythm after the first climb from San Jeronimo… oh those beautiful pines!


One of many stream crossings on this route…


… some of them have bridges.


Still climbing! It’s steeper than it looks!


I stumbled upon the world’s smallest football pitch, situated between a few casitas.


There are some interesting hiking trails and waterfalls near Rio Negro. Unfortunately, I had already spent my legs on the climbing and didn’t bring enough food!


I saw several of these big snakes slithering across the road. This one didn’t make it. No idea what species this is, but I kept well clear when I saw them!


After 1200m of climbing, only 1000m more to go!


Finally, I got to go down… for a bit.


The pines obscured many photo opportunities, but provided excellent cover from the sun and an amazing aroma.


A glimpse of Comayagua city from the East at around 55km into the ride


Lovely switchback descent on the way back to town…


… and more switchbacks


Take your pick… road, river or bridge

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