Entering Oaxaca State! Iguana Soup Anyone?


We could almost feel the temperature rise as we crossed the border into Oaxaca State. Fortunately there was no one around to witness the cyclist tan revealed by my tank top.


Tucking into the sopa de iguana (iguana soup). Can you guess what it tastes like? Yes, that’s right… chicken, but with a more scaly skin!


After six hours of cycling, I gobbled up this iguana leg with fresh handmade corn tortillas faster than you can say ‘lizard eater’. I would love to say it was cooked to perfection, but I have absolutely nothing to compare it to!


Jenny gnaws away at her fleshy iguana rations. Worryingly, in this photo I fear that she looks a bit lizardy! Just check out those little T-Rex arms!


We met this charming little boy and named him ‘el caballero’ (the cowboy). He had a bunch toy caballos (horses) all tied up to a fence. He provided some light entertainment whilst we ate our soup by introducing us to his parakeets, chickens and baby brother.


El cabarello shows off his periquitos while mamasita cooks fresh handmade corn tortillas in the background.


Jenny cradles the baby paraquito. He hadn’t really figured out the whole walking thing yet.


After finishing our iguana soup, we ended up babysitting the baby parakeet so the caballero could go back to chasing chickens.

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