An Interview For Honduran TV

On our last day in Honduras, we were climbing up towards Las Manos border crossing into Nicaragua when we were curb crawled by an SUV full of TV presenters from different networks. They flagged us down and introduced themselves as Hable Como Habla (HCH) and Radio Globo. They wanted an interview for the evening news.

It’s hard enough answering a bunch of questions when you’re out of breath in the middle of a climb, let alone whilst word searching in a second language. The interviewers asked about our gear, route and our thoughts on Honduras.

¿Qué piensas acerca de Honduras?

The only thing I could think of at the time was food, so I exclaimed our love for the nation’s most notorious comfort snack.

Nos encantan las baleadas! Tres dias atras, comí 11 baleadas en un dia!

This evoked a roar of laughter which I hope will be included in the interview and the source of further amusement if aired on TV.

They asked Jenny if we were married and whether we had kids. Jenny replied with our routine joke answer to this common question.

No tenemos espacio en nuestras bolsas por los niños!

This brought more laughter and further questions about our relationship. When would we get married? How long had we been together? Could they have a kiss for the camera?

We’re in touch with HCH who will hopefully be posting a YouTube video and some photos. Stay tuned!

UPDATED 16 SEPT: Here is the video from HCH! The first six minutes contain very graphic murder scenes, so you probably want to skip to 6:07 to see us! I’ve tried to set the video to start at 6:07, but you may need to scroll ahead.

The crew from the Hable Como Habla (HCH) TV Network flagged us down on the side of the road for an interview.
We struggled to understand all of the questions, so some of our answers must have been fairly amusing!

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