Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook: 3rd edition

ACTH Front & Back covers
Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook front and rear covers with permission from the Pikes

The third edition of the Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook has just hit the shelves, arriving with some massive updates by Neil and Harriet Pike. ACTH quickly became a bible of the cycle-touring community not long after the first edition was released in 2006 by veteran cycle-tourer Steven Lord. The Pikes have not only brought the book up to date with the current bike gear and touring trends, they’ve also injected their own charismatic style and stirred in the sage touring wisdom they’ve acquired over the years. Check our their blog Pikes On Bikes and their amazing Andean bikepacking routes at Andes by Bike.

This book is seriously a must have for anyone planning a bicycle tour. It covers all the important topics such as route planning, pack lists, gear guides, geeky gadgets, country overviews and it also throws in a collection of amusing tales from the saddles of some great storytellers. This third edition brings it up to date on the latest gear and trends.

I was thrilled at the opportunity to contribute some words and photos in the book. You can check out the sections on ‘build your own bike’ and ‘DIY gear’ where I shared some thoughts from some some of our past blog posts.

Order the 3rd edition of the Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook direct from the Pikes here!

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