A Week Of Broken Toys

The bridge came unglued, so we paid some ‘guitar guy’ a few bucks to bolt it together. Unfortunately, he didn’t bother using any washers so the tiny nuts just ripped through the wood after a few days.

Bicycle touring has it’s ups and downs, both in riding and in general. This week has been the week of broken stuff.

Broken toys cause sad faces

Here is a list of things that have been broken or damaged this week.

Things that broke

  • Jenny’s Kindle (the screen was smashed in Jenny’s pannier)
  • Jenny’s headlamp (it’s not batteries or LED; I checked)
  • Our tiny guitar (we’re hoping to fix it with some big ass washers)
  • An exploding bottle of suncream (it looked like a million pigeons crapped in Jenny’s pannier)

Things That Were Damaged

  • The Plug+ USB charger stopped working (I hope to fix it)
  • Lars rear light stopped working¬†(I hope to fix it)
  • Massive dent in Lars bike frame (today)

Topping Off The Infinite Sadness

On top of all this, we woke this morning to discover that our Tour in Tune Google Page was hacked and deleted including all the photos and videos, so we’ve spent the entire day re-editing, re-uploading and re-linking them!

Let’s hope that some good karma is coming our way soon!


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