Colombia Route

We arrived in sweltering hot Cartegena, Colombia on a sail boat from Panama. Eager to escape the heat, we began riding towards the foothills of the Andes. We stopped for a few days in the well preserved colonial town of Mompox. From Bucaramanga, we completed the massive dirt road climb up to Zapatoca, and onwards through Barichara, San Gil, Villa de Leyva, Guatavita and finally arriving in Bogota.

Route Notes

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Route Highlights

  • The well preserved colonial buildings of Mompox on the river Magdelena are worth a visit
  • The climb from Giron to Zapatoca is a classic route option
  • Sadly, we missed a lot of Colombia, but when we head back there someday we will enjoy hiking around Santa Marta, watching the night sky in Tatacoa and the riding between San Agustin – Mocoa – Pasto.

Places To Avoid

  • Honestly, we didn’t find a place in Colombia that we disliked. It’s all good and the people are very hospitable. Be careful! They will ‘kind-nap’ you!
  • If you aren’t good with the heat, then you might consider a bus ride to get above 1000m where it starts to cool off.
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