Panniers and Bike Bags

We took no chances with our panniers, bags and racks. We went with two of the most reputable brands on the market: Ortlieb panniers and Tubus racks.

Ortlieb panniers and bags are extremely hard wearing and completely waterproof. I  bought my lovely (yet functional) aubergine Back Rollers about a year ago. Lars has been battering his classic black Backrollers for about five years and they’re still going strong! Enough said!

We hadn’t used Tubus racks before this tour, but we were convinced after reading various stories about their high quality and dependability and not to mention their amazing mobile guarantee.

Panniers & Racks Per Bike

Extra Bags for Lars

In order to even our the playing field, Lars has agreed to carry the majority of the weight. In addition to his four (heavier) panniers, he is also carrying the following:

  • 1 x Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Plus handlebar bag – for camera, passports & cash etc; it’s also perfect for storing our geeky bike gadgets whilst charging with the Plug II+ hub dynamo USB charger.
  • 1 x Ortlieb Rackpack (XL 89 Ltr) – This holds light weight but bulky items like the tent, sleeping bags and Thermarests. At a whopping 89 litres, this very last minute purchase could have been a little smaller (medium or large would have been adequate), but it works wonderfully just the same.

Total cost ≈ £600 (we found some great deals online)

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