Nicaragua Route

Nicaragua Route (direct link)

Route Highlights

  • The descent from the Las Manos border down to Ocotal is a nice reward after the climb out of Honduras. We saw very little traffic.
  • Detour from Estelí – Jinotega on the lego bricks is scenic and much quieter than the Panamerican.
  • Continuing from Jinotega to Matagalpa and then off road through the small pueblitos San Dionisio and Esquipulas
  • Cycling on Ometepe is a great side trip with cheap hostels, fincas and beautiful volcano views.
  • The dirt roads along the Pacific coast south of San Juan del Sur (near Playa La Flor)

Places To Avoid

  • Most of the Panamerican through Nicaragua is busy and not particularly interesting. We tried to avoid it, but we did end up riding a few sections. It’s especially boring near sea level between Granada – Rivas – Peñas Blancas border crossing.
  • We wanted to follow the coastal dirt road from Playa La Flor to the Tourist Border Crossing (not actually a border crossing). We were stopped at the military checkpoint just after El Ostional and told to turn back to San Juan del Sur. This was a really downer, because it meant a huge back track to the Panamerican, adding many kms. We lucked out and hitched a ride with a nice guy who drove us all the way to the Peñas Blancas border!

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