Rest Days In Granada, Nicaragua

Upon arriving in Granada, we discovered the Backyard Hostel with a perfect combination of amenities: free coffee, use of kitchen, WiFi and… a swimming pool! It’s $12 for a shared private room or $5 for open dorms – a comfortable and cost effective home base for exploring Granada and the surrounding area. The hostel is run by two French-Canadian buddies Nick and Pete from Quebec. It’s only been open for about 6 months, but has already become a hot spot for backpackers.

It was here that we had our first encounter with other bicycle tourists, Daina and Robin from Liechtenstein (quite surprising as we’ve been on the road for almost six months!). We had fun exchanging stories and checking out their exotic German Velotraum bikes.

We’ve enjoyed four days relaxing in Granada without feeling the need to ‘do’ a bunch of tourist activities. Other than one day of mountain biking, we’ve mainly been drinking coffee, relaxing by the pool or occasionally walking around the market for fruit and veg. There are lots of guided tours around Granada, but sometimes it’s nice to do nothing!

Tour In Tune-2013-09-28-026.jpg

Complimentary fresh ground coffee at the Backyard Hostel, Granada…

Tour In Tune-2013-09-28-027.jpg

… also with a kitchen and swimming pool! Pretty sweet deal at $12 for a private room ($6 each)!

Tour In Tune-2013-09-26-017.jpg

Daina and Robin from Liechtenstein, the first bike tourers we’ve encountered on our trip…

Tour In Tune-2013-09-26-020.jpg

…both riding brand new Velotraum bikes…

Tour In Tune-2013-09-26-021.jpg

…with some old school Lichtenstein number plates just for fun.

Tour In Tune-2013-09-28-113.jpg

Afternoon clouds viewed from Parque Xalteva, Granada

Tour In Tune-2013-09-28-123.jpg

Plenty of interesting doors and windows on the side streets

Tour In Tune-2013-09-28-129.jpg

Busy Saturday afternoon antics in front of the Cathedral

Tour In Tune-2013-09-26-016.jpg

La Iglesia Merced

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